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Judge Revokes Permit for Keystone XL Pipeline, Delays Construction


Today, a federal judge ruled to revoke Nationwide Permit 12 for the Keystone XL pipeline, a key water-crossing permit needed to complete construction of the project. The ruling states that the US Army Corps violated the law by granting the permit, and that the Corps must begin formal consultations under guidelines of the Endangered Species Act, causing major delays for construction. This decision has implications for pipeline projects around the country.


Judith LeBlanc, Director of the Native Organizer Alliance: "The revoking of the permit for the KXL Pipeline is a victory for treaty rights and democracy. Tribal nations have a renewed opportunity to exercise our legal and inherent rights to protect the water of the Missouri River bioregion for all who live, farm and work on the land. The power of tens of thousands who have already Promised to Protect the land and water from damage and degradation by the KXL Pipeline will rise up to support the enforcement of the Endangered Species Act."

Faith Spotted Eagle, Brave Heart Society: "For years, our Tribes' concerns that the Army Corps' Nationwide Permit process was arbitrarily contrived with no clear path for consultations or legality have been ignored. They wrongfully dismissed our constant objections. Today, thankfully, we were heard as the water crossings spoke loud and clear against the Keystone XL pipeline. Justice has prevailed at a strange sacred time on Turtle Island!"

Dallas Goldtooth, Keep it in the Ground Campaign Organizer, Indigenous Environmental Network: "We wish to recognize the tremendous work by our allies! This decision vindicates what we have always known. We stand unified in this resistance, not only on the grounds of morality, but on the terms of our legal rights as well. We can only hope that our organization's ongoing litigation will receive a comparable decision as well. In the meantime, we fight on in defense of the sacredness of Mother Earth!"

Tamara Toles O'Laughlin, North America Director: "This decision is a critical victory for Tribes, rural communities, and all supporters of climate justice who have been fighting Keystone XL for more than a decade. The court has rightfully ruled against the Trump administration's efforts to fast track this nasty pipeline at any cost. We won't allow fossil fuel corporations and backdoor politicians to violate the laws that protect people and the planet. We will challenge any attempt to put our health and well-being at risk. Amidst the global coronavirus pandemic, the tens of thousands of people who've taken a stand against Keystone XL will continue to do everything possible to put this doomed pipeline to rest once and for all."

Nick Tilsen, NDN Collective President and CEO: "This is a victory for more than just Indigenous people and those who have opposed this pipeline since the beginning. This is a victory for the Earth and all humanity as we begin to see more widespread shifts in consciousness from extractive economies and fossil fuel dependency, to a return to more sustainable ways of living. The time for transitioning from fossil fuels is now, and this victory is indicative of that shift."

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