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Seth Gladstone—

EPA Rollback of Methane Rules Shows Disdain for Our Future


Today the Trump administration will announce its intention to roll back regulations on methane emissions from oil and gas extraction operations. In response, Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter issued the following statement:

"This administration's disdain for science and the wellbeing of our planet is well-known. We know Trump and his industry-backed cronies take their orders from profit-driven corporations. But today we're seeing a reality even more bizarre and alarming. The world's largest fossil fuel corporations actually oppose this deregulation attempt. They're keenly aware of the public's knowledge of the harm they are causing the Earth through their fracking and methane pollution. They need these regulations as window-dressing to keep selling their climate-killing product, fracking. But despite their opposition to this move, Trump and the oil and gas lobbyists in charge of the EPA are pressing forward. This administration is ultimately driven by sociopathic disregard for our future."

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