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Poll Shows Strong Bipartisan Support for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)


A new poll conducted by Democratic and Republican pollsters sends a clear message to elected officials intending to dismantle the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: do so against the will of your constituents. Likely Republican, Independent, and Democratic voters all overwhelmingly support protections that restore fairness and competition in the marketplace and rein in Wall Street.

Similar attitudes have also been found in PIRG's door-to-door campaign to defend the CFPB in a dozen cities across the country. "Reining in Wall Street is not a left-right issue. It's a big guy-little guy issue. That's why tens of thousands of Americans from coast to coast have readily signed petitions to defend the CFPB when we knock on their doors," said Mike Litt, Consumer Advocate with U.S. PIRG.

The poll, conducted by a bipartisan group of pollsters for the Center for Responsible Lending and the PIRG-backed Americans for Financial Reform, had three main takeaways:

  1. 78 percent of all Americans support more rules for Wall Street banks

  2. This includes 85 percent of Democratic voters, 81 percent of Independent voters and 67 percent of Republican voters.

  3. 80 percent of Democratic voters, 77 percent of Independent voters, and 66 percent of Republican voters fully favor the mission of the Consumer Bureau.

"It's hard to live the American Dream if bad mortgage and other predatory lenders are allowed to lurk in the marketplace. Does Congress really want to side with Wall Street at the expense of consumers?," asked Litt.

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