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Corporate Power

The Big Tech Antitrust Battle Is A Fight For Democracy

There's a serious possibility that Big Tech's scorched Earth campaign to stop anything akin to real industry oversight or reform will end up working.

Aidan Smith ·

After WTO Failure, Nations Urged to 'Outright Defy' Pharma Patent Rules to Fight Covid

"Governments must take immediate actions to bypass the WTO's prioritization of pharmaceutical monopolies over human lives," says a global coalition of nearly 300 civil society groups.

Jake Johnson ·

WTO Deal on Vaccine Patents Decried as a 'Sham' Dictated by Rich Nations, Big Pharma

One campaigner slammed the agreement as "a technocratic fudge aimed at saving reputations, not lives."

Jake Johnson ·

With US Consumers 'Getting Fleeced,' Democrats Demand Windfall Profits Tax on Big Oil

"It is common sense" to use such a tax to provide rebates to consumers, argued Rep. Ro Khanna. "You have these oil companies making record profits at a time of a national emergency."

Jake Johnson ·

'Disgusting': Starbucks Threatens Trans Health Benefits as Union Celebrates 150 Wins

"If you're willing to play around with trans-inclusive care as it relates to unionization, not only do you not respect your employees, you don't truly don't recognize the humanity of your trans employees," said former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner.

Jake Johnson ·

This 'Bipartisan' Gun Deal With Senate Republicans Is Worse Than Nothing

Accepting this do-nothing gun "compromise" just disillusions potential Democratic voters and makes it likely Republicans will retake Congress.

Miles Mogulescu ·

New Survey of Voters Has Message for Biden: Fight Corporate Greed to Rein in Inflation

"People across the country—and across party lines—want corporate giants and their enablers held to account," says advocacy group, citing fresh survey data.

Jake Johnson ·

5 Reasons We Need a National Organization to Energize the Fight for Single Payer

Health care is a national crisis that requires a national solution.

Judy Albert ·

As WTO Ministerial Opens, Civil Society Slams Rich Nations for Acting as Big Pharma 'Henchmen'

"We are deeply concerned that rich nations are negotiating to protect the interests of pharmaceutical corporations... whatever the cost to public health," said one campaigner.

Jake Johnson ·

Time for a Taxpayer Revolt: How Corporatist Politicians Make You Subsidize Big Corporations

New York's Kathy Hochul is just getting started in her enormous giveaways to the super-rich and greedy. She is the plutocrats’ Governor.

Ralph Nader ·

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