Corporate Power

Lauren McCauley, staff writer
"Corporations that send call center jobs and other good jobs overseas shouldn't be rewarded with federal contracts," said the Communications Workers of America. "Despite the campaign promises of President Trump, that's exactly what’s happening." (Photo: Reuters/ Kevin Lamarque)
In yet another reminder of how corporate-friendly the Trump administration has been—despite campaign pledges to defend American workers and "buy American, hire American" rhetoric—a new study out Tuesday reveals that the president continues to reward U.S. companies who ship jobs overseas. According to the analysis (pdf), conducted by Good Jobs...
Jon Queally, staff writer
With reports that President Donald Trump wants to slash the corporate tax rate...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
President Donald Trump approaches his 100th day in office the most unpopular U...


For those puzzled by the rancor and mistrust so many feel for Hillary Clinton, a lucid Matt Taibbi looks at Clinton's $675,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs to reveal they're about not just money but allegiance. Turns out Clinton declared that "banker-bashing (was) foolish," it takes a village to get out of a financial crisis (in fact caused by a few greedy oligarchs), and public anger is something "we" - oligarchs and Clintons - need to wait out.