Corporate Power

Jake Johnson, staff writer
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) speaks during the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee hearing in the Capitol building on July 19, 2017 in Washington, D.C.
On the heels of Equifax's massive data breach and its subsequent efforts to force victims into a " rip-off clause " that prevents them from filing class-action lawsuits against the company, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Friday announced that she is both launching an investigation into the credit-reporting giant's security practices and...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
Warren said the insurance giant has no right to demand massive taxpayer...
Julia Conley, staff writer
Cities across the country are vying to be Amazon's new second home, after the...


For those puzzled by the rancor and mistrust so many feel for Hillary Clinton, a lucid Matt Taibbi looks at Clinton's $675,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs to reveal they're about not just money but allegiance. Turns out Clinton declared that "banker-bashing (was) foolish," it takes a village to get out of a financial crisis (in fact caused by a few greedy oligarchs), and public anger is something "we" - oligarchs and Clintons - need to wait out.