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Health and Human Services Appointee Underscores Trump’s Allegiance to Profits and Corporations Over People

WASHINGTON - The appointment of Rep. Tom Price, (R-Ga.) for Secretary of Health and Human Services is a “death sentence for millions of low-income people,”  said LeeAnn Hall, co-director of People’s Action Institute, in a statement issued today.

Price has focused much of his political career on overturning the Affordable Care Act that has provided health care to millions of people who never before had insurance. He plans to dismantle federal programs that provide health insurance coverage to children, people with disabilities, and retired people.  Price’s home state of Georgia is one of 19 states that rejected federal funding to help low income families afford health care.

In place of the Affordable coverage, Price proposes tax credits, based on age. While that might be a nice benefit for wealthy families, it will do nothing to provide health insurance to families with lower incomes.

LeeAnn Hall, co-director of People’s Action Institute, issued this statement on Trump’s nomination of Price:

“This appointment is a death sentence for millions of low-income people in the United States. The Price plan will improve the health and well being only of corporations and billionaires, while leaving tens of millions of people to suffer – and even die – without access to health care. Once again, a Trump appointment prioritizes corporate profits over people.”

For more about Tom Price, plans for disbanding the Affordable Care Act and his dangerous proposal for replacing health care for millions with tax credits for the wealthy, read Richard Eskow’s article “This Trump Hire is Hazardous to Your Health (And Not Just Your Medicare)” today at


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