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Calling for End of US Asylum System, Trump Adds, 'And, Frankly We Should Get Rid of Judges'

"If we had a functional legislature, Trump would be removed from office for being a fascist who opposes democracy."

Jon Queally ·

In Wake of Bombshell Op-Ed, Watchdog Calls for Congress to Investigate 'Erratic' Trump—Starting with Subpoenas for Cabinet

"Americans deserve to know the truth behind these accusations that the president poses a severe enough threat to our nation that the cabinet weighed invoking the 25th Amendment in order to remove him from office."

Julia Conley ·

Calls for Trump Impeachment Grow as 'Bizarre' Helsinki Performance Draws Epic Backlash

Trump's trip to Europe was a catastrophe, but will anything actually change so long as Republicans continue to bow and normalize Trump?

Jon Queally ·

"Appalling. Inhumane. It Needs to Stop." Trump Policy Has Ripped 2,000 Kids—47 Per Day—From Parents in Just Six Weeks

The president continues to lie about his responsibility for the so-called "zero tolerance" policy

Jake Johnson ·

'Funny, But on Another Level, Oh So Disturbing': Watch Mike Pence's Horrifying, Sycophantic Water Bottle Moment

"It's probably one of his 'signals' with Pence: 'If I put my water bottle on the floor that means I hate what they're saying—if you agree, put your water bottle on the floor.'"

Jon Queally ·

Trump's Disgusting, Tone Deaf, Paper-Towel-Throwing Trip to Puerto Rico

President suggests crisis not a "real catastrophe" and jabs islanders for costing government "a lot of money"

Julia Conley ·

What Trump's Doing Is Crazy and Dangerous—and It Ain't Over Yet

Trump still threatens us, and discussing the election in the past tense is stupid.

Jeffrey C. Isaac ·

Miles Taylor (aka 'Anonymous') Goes Public as Voice From Within White House Who Warned of Trump's Depraved Personality and Leadership

"While I claim sole authorship of the work," said the former Department of Homeland Security official.

Common Dreams staff ·

Nobody Expected We Would Pay Such a Steep Price for Electing a Mentally Ill Criminal as President—Can We Recover?

Trump and his buddies in the GOP may have finally destroyed America for good.

Thom Hartmann ·

A Field Guide to Trump's Dangerous Rhetoric

Trump was so successful in using dangerous demagogic rhetoric that no one could hold him accountable for his words and actions during the 2016 campaign or since.

Jennifer Mercieca ·

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