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MoveOn Responds to Senate Democrats’ Blocking of Fast Track Legislation

Justin Krebs, campaign director for Civic Action, responded to news that the Senate had voted against considering legislation that would give President Obama Fast Track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secret trade deal that puts corporate interests over the interests of American workers.
“Today, Democrats in the Senate sent a clear message—that the interests of American workers should come before those of massive, multinational corporations—by preventing Fast Track legislation from being considered. 
“This clearly shows the strength of the growing movement to stop Fast Track and the TPP, thanks to activists across the country who have been fighting for years against corporate-centric trade deals. A year ago, Fast Track for the TPP seemed unstoppable. Now, Senate Democrats, under the leadership of Leader Harry Reid, have held together to resist this attempt to rush a massive corporate giveaway through Congress. 
“There is still a long road ahead in the fight against Fast Track, but today shows that activism is working—and is a signal to those undecided members of the House of Representatives, that momentum has shifted against Fast Track, and it's time for every Democrat who cares about American workers, consumer protections, and environmental regulations to commit to voting against this bill.”
Congress has been wrestling with the decision to Fast Track the TPP—a dangerous trade agreement that's been called “NAFTA on steroids.” Fast Track legislation would give the president authority to sign a trade agreement, and then push it through Congress in just 90 days, with limited debate and no changes allowed.
MoveOn members have taken numerous actions over the past few months to oppose Fast Track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal:
  • More than 4,000 MoveOn members signed up earlier this year to drop by the member of Congress’ office to encourage them to stand with people over corporations and reject the TPP.
  • In February, Robert Reich and MoveOn released a video titled “The Worst Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard Of – The Story of the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” a short explainer of the currently pending trade deal. The video has been viewed millions of times and urges viewers to make sure that Congress rejects Fast Track authority. View the video here.

In March, more than 79 percent of responding Oregon MoveOn members said they would support a primary challenger to Sen. Wyden in the 2016 Senate primary if the Senator helped grant Fast Track authority to pass the TPP.  MoveOn has more than 88,000 members in Oregon.


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