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UNEP Issues a Strong Call for a Rapid Carbon Emissions Phase Out


Greenpeace Head of International Climate Politics Martin Kaiser comments on the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Emissions Gap Report published today:

"The time has come to admit that managing emissions is not enough to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. UNEP correctly states that we must phase out carbon emissions to zero starting today. In practice, it means getting rid of fossil fuels in our energy system within a few decades and starting with the dirtiest one, coal. From now on, all new energy investments should be redirected from fueling problems to catalyzing solutions."

"Thanks to the recent breakthroughs of renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions, phasing out fossil fuels in time, by mid-century, is now possible and comes with enormous benefits. Renewable energy is the fastest and most affordable way to provide clean energy access for all without causing new hazards and barriers for development."

"The science is clear and solutions are ready to be rolled out. The UNEP report is sending a strong message to the major emitting countries. 100% renewable energy for all is not fiction, but a long-term vision to guide a just transition and future investments. For the upcoming climate conference in Lima, governments must turn these findings into action, and endorse the goal of phasing out carbon emissions to zero by 2050 at the latest."

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