The Concerns of Seniors are a ‘Big Deal;’ Don’t Default on Americans

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The Concerns of Seniors are a ‘Big Deal;’ Don’t Default on Americans

Social Security has Nothing to Do with Debt Crisis

WASHINGTON - Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) again took to the House floor today to continue his unflinching defense of senior citizens and Social Security from those who would pay off the debt by creating economic insecurity for our seniors.

See video here. The full text of Congressman Kucinich’s remarks follow:

“The huffing and puffing over the debt crisis is reminiscent of Washington’s tumult over the Wall Street bailout:

“Panic the public with claims that the sky is falling! Then start to drop things from the sky: in this case, threats that Social Security checks will not be set out.

“We must avoid default, but Social Security didn't cause the debt crisis. Social Security had nothing to do with the debt crisis. Withholding Social Security checks or cutting Social Security benefits would represent a default to the American people and an abandonment of the principles of economic justice that created Social Security.

“The White House wants a ‘Big Deal.’ A $4 trillion debt deal. But that deal must not come from cuts to Social Security or Medicare.

“Millions of senior citizens, who in their lifetime built this country, who fought for this country, who depend on these Social Security checks as an economic lifeline want to see if their concerns are a big deal to us.”


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