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Slavery and the States' Rights Myth

WASHINGTON - AP reports today: "Exactly 150 years after South Carolina became the first state to leave the United States, a group whose purpose is to preserve Confederate history is holding a dance in Charleston." This is creating much controversy and, says James Loewen, much disinformation about the causes of the Civil War:

Loewen is author of the bestseller Lies My Teacher Told Me and the new book The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader (with Edward Sebesta). Loewen said today: "In 1860 and 1861, when the Southern states seceded, they said why, and it was all about slavery -- its protection and extension. They said nothing about states' rights. Why would they? The federal government was doing what they wanted, from recapturing fugitive slaves to low tariffs. On the contrary, South Carolina (and other states) inveighed AGAINST states' rights, attacking states that refused to return slaves, for example." See Loewen's webpage


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