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New PFAW Poll Shows Americans Want Action to Correct Citizens United

Results Show Broad Support for Candidates Who Support A Constitutional Amendment to Overturn the Decision

WASHINGTON - Results of a poll conducted by Hart Research
Associates for People For
the American Way revealed that Americans across the political spectrum
intensely concerned about corporate influence in our democracy and
with the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens
United v. FEC.  

In addition, more than three-quarters of voters
said that they support
a Constitutional Amendment if one is necessary to limit the amount that
corporations can spend in elections.  A similar majority are inclined to
support a candidate who has spoken out in favor of an amendment.  The
support cuts across party and ideology, with majorities of Democrats,
Republicans and Independents in support of the measure.

The poll reveals:

  • 85% of voters say
    that corporations have too much influence over the political system
    while 93% say that average citizens have too little influence.
  • 95% agree that
    “Corporations spend money on politics mainly to buy influence in
    government and elect people who are favorable to their financial
    interests.”  (74% strongly agree)
  • 85% disagree that
    “Corporations should be able to spend as much as they want to
    influence the outcome of elections because the Constitution
    freedom of speech.”  (63% strongly disagree)
  • 93% agree that
    “There should be clear limits on how much money corporations can
    spend to influence the outcome of an election.”  (74% strongly
  • 77% think Congress
    should support an amendment to limit the amount U.S. corporations
    can spend to
    influence elections.
  • 74% say that they
    would be more likely to vote for a candidate for Congress who
    pledged to
    support a Constitutional Amendment limiting corporate spending in

“These results make perfectly clear that
Americans want bold
action to overturn Citizens United,”
Michael B. Keegan, President of
People For the American Way.  “Voters are strongly supportive of
initiatives, including a Constitutional Amendment, to reign in corporate
spending in elections.  Democratic and Republican politicians alike
do well to catch up with their constituents and lend their support to an
Amendment that does just that.”

Leading up to Election Day, People For the
American Way, along with
Public Citizen, will be asking congressional candidates to pledge to
support a
Constitutional Amendment, and sharing the information with voters.

You can read more about the poll here

To arrange an interview with a People For
spokesperson, or with Geoff
Garin of Hart Research Associates, who conducted the poll, contact
Miranda Blue at 202-467-4999 or


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