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* Obama's Healthcare Proposal * New Credit Card Law


Today, the White House released its new plan on healthcare. Lieberman is a contributing editor of the Columbia Journalism Review. A complete archive of her Campaign Desk articles can be found at
Lieberman stresses the need for media outlets and others to examine the contents of the proposal rather than focusing on the political jockeying.

also via Molly Weimer
Manning is author of Credit Card Nation. He recently wrote the piece "Five myths about America's credit card debt" for the Washington Post. He has several criticisms of the new credit card law, which was passed last spring but only took effect today. He is also involved with alternative proposals that have gained backing at state levels.

A nationwide consortium, the Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA) represents an unprecedented effort to bring other voices to the mass-media table often dominated by a few major think tanks. IPA works to broaden public discourse in mainstream media, while building communication with alternative media outlets and grassroots activists.