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National Whistleblowers Center Refutes False Charges Made Against UBS Whistleblower

WASHINGTON - Today, the National Whistleblowers Center released evidence regarding the case of UBS whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld,
which demonstrates his heroic efforts to expose tax fraud.   Attached
to the fact sheet prepared by the NWC are scanned original documents
related to the illegal UBS tax scandal.  

"The record shows the
Department of Justice's decision to prosecute Mr. Birkenfeld is a farce
to say the very least," said Stephen M. Kohn, Executive Director of the
National Whistleblowers Center and
co-counsel for Mr. Birkenfeld.

The evidence
includes the original internal e-mails Mr.
Birkenfeld sent to his superiors raising concerns and his original
internal whistleblower complaint.  Also included are letters from U.S.
government agencies, which acknowledge Mr. Birkenfeld's disclosures as
essential to the case against UBS.

spite of his documented efforts to report the fraud, stand up to his
employers and work with government investigations, Mr. Birkenfeld is
currently in federal prison. He is the only banker associated with the
illegal UBS program to receive a prison sentence.

Birkenfeld's sentence sends a chilling message to any international
banker who may be considering coming forward and bringing similar
information to the government," said Lindsey M. Williams, Director of
Advocacy and Development at the National Whistleblowers

The National Whistleblowers Center is asking members of the public to consider the facts, and TAKE ACTION by supporting the clemency campaign currently underway on behalf of Mr. Birkenfeld.


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Since 1988, the NWC and attorneys associated with it have supported whistleblowers in the courts and before Congress and achieved victories for environmental protection, government contract fraud, nuclear safety and government and corporate accountability.

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