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So Much for Global Warming


Professor of global environmental policy at Dartmouth College, Dorsey said today: "We live on a planet. ... While snow falls in footloads in D.C., on the other side of the planet, Rio was hotter than Sahara; and 32 elderly people died silently in their apartments."

Wysham is a fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies. She is a content adviser to the short film "The Story of Cap and Trade."

Wysham said today: "As global average temperatures rise, there will be more moisture in the atmosphere causing major storms such as the record-breaking snowstorm that just brought Washington, D.C., to its knees if not its senses. Some ignorant politicians interpret the record snowfall as yet another reason to question the science of climate change rather than take action on it." She just wrote the piece "Is Our Democracy Becoming a Joke?"

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