The American Way of War Pt.2

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The American Way of War Pt.2

E. Jarecki: Make arms-manufacturers' political engineering and currying favor with Congress - illegal

WASHINGTON - In the second part of The Real News' interview with author/film maker Eugene
Jarecki  he discusses the importance of understanding the cold war and
its relation to the current industrial military arms-manufacturers' political

Jarecki explains that understanding
and learning from our past is instrumental to resolving our current
crisis, "without an understanding of how we lost our way you can't
really figure how to take the steps to go back. We've done such things in the
world right now that we face the world that we created"

With many arms-manufacturers campaigning to increase production on the grounds
that it creates jobs, Jarecki argues that this is the same misleading
propaganda that manufacturers have been pushing through congress for
years.  He says "when you are in an economic collapse as we are
in right now, you wonder are we spending money on good things and your buying
planes to fight wars that are not available to us today you have to ask
yourself why is that plane still in production."

He continues by pointing out the failure in the current government in being so
willingly manipulated by these arms manufacturers,  "makers of so
many defense support in's one of the great
short comings of our democracy today...the engineering of our democracy toward
absolutely mindless decisions about defense that are simply profitable for the
few at the expense of the many"

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