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McCain Attacks Canadian and European Health Care

Is McCain right when he says Canadian and European health care not as good as US?


In the second segment on health care in the USA, we examine John
McCain's claim that US health care is the best in the world. The Real
News Network spoke to Steven Lewis, health policy and research
consultant from Canada, Dr. Don McCanne of Physicians for a National
Health Program, and Dr. Steffie Woolhandler from the Harvard Medical

McCain claims that Obama's suggested 'bureaucratization of health
care' would surmount to an unsuccessful health care system similar to
those of Canada and the United Kingdom.

Steven Lewis argues
that UK health care has shown great improvement pointing to a recent
decrease in wait-times. He also states that almost all surgical
procedures carried out in the US cost nearly twice that of the same
procedures occurring Canada. Don McCanne cites a study proving that
medical bills are a major contributor to home fore closures.

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