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Laine Hendricks, Central Valley Program Manager 559-229-9343 or 559-285-3039 (cell)

National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA)

New Yosemite Overlook Restoration Underscores Need for Continued Investment in National Parks

WASHINGTON - STATEMENT BY: Laine Hendricks, Central Valley Program Manager, National Parks Conservation Association

"The new Tunnel View Overlook at Yosemite National Park is an important improvement in a park that needs and deserves so much more attention.

"Like many of our national parks, Yosemite has several million dollars worth of infrastructure needs. Any effort to put Americans to work rehabilitating our nation's infrastructure should include our national parks, which have more than an $8-billion backlog of repair needs, including several billion dollars in critical road repairs.

"National parks provide tremendous value for our families, our communities, and our economy: for every federal dollar invested in national parks, at least four dollars in economic benefit are generated for state and local economies.

"The 2016 centennial of the National Park Service is fast approaching. In preserving our national parks, the next president and Congress can protect our national heritage for our children and grandchildren, enhance the infrastructure of our country, and use the national parks to help our country meet some of today's most pressing challenges-from green jobs to clean air. "



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