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League of Women Voters (LWV)

Poll Workers the 'Vital Backbone' of Successful Elections

League of Women Encourages Citizens to Lend a Hand on Election Day

of Women Voters president Mary G. Wilson emphasized the critical need
for poll workers in this high-intensity election year: 

"For months, we have been hearing that this November 4th
could break voter turnout records in communities from coast to coast.
We couldn't be more thrilled that so many millions of Americans are
expected to come out to express their most important democratic right. 

"At the same time, we know that the
race could be extremely tight-and lines extremely long-in many states.
That is why we are working hand in hand with election officials
nationwide to ensure they are prepared for any situation on Election

"But there is more to be done. I'm calling upon all available Americans to serve as poll workers on November 4th by visiting and selecting your state.
It is the most important thing you can do to help make sure your
voices-and those of your neighbors and loved ones---are heard in this
historic year. 

"Well-trained poll workers are the
vital backbone of successful elections. From helping new voters
navigate the process, to ensuring all votes are counted fairly and
accurately, they truly do make democracy work. 

"Too much is at stake to risk even a
single voter being turned away because of long lines, confusion over
the rules, or other problems at the polling place. That is why a
well-staffed Election Day workforce is so important. I urge all
Americans to consider serving as a poll worker, and visit to learn about getting involved in your state."


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