Colombia's Indigenous March Against President Uribe

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Colombia's Indigenous March Against President Uribe

WASHINGTON - BOGOTA - 10,000 Indigenous Colombians march in a massive demonstration amid
recent violent clashes between police and Indigenous groups. The aim is
to pressure the government to return land back to Indigenous farmers.
The slaying of Indigenous group leaders and 1.200 Indigenous people
since 2002 by various armed groups has strengthened support for the

Medical teams report they have treated many Indians for shrapnel and bullet injuries. Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has argued the police have not used lethal force against the protesters.

to Colombia's National Indigenous Organization, 27 percent of Indians
have no land. Demonstrators want more land for the 1.3 million Indians
while improving education and health care. They also want protection
against corporations and multi-national companies from exploiting their



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