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Melanie Smith / Responds to White House Pause on Massive Proposed LNG Terminal

The White House has paused the decision on whether to approve what would be the largest liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal in the US. The US Department of Energy will now analyze potential climate impact. The proposed project, called Calcasieu Pass 2 (CP2), is one of 17 proposed new LNG projects that have seen widespread opposition from US frontline and environmental groups. LNG releases methane into the atmosphere, which has nearly a 25 times higher warming capacity than carbon.

This news comes just one week after the Americas Energy Summit, an LNG convening to promote energy sources backed by the fossil fuel industry, and six weeks after COP28. Over the past month, members of Congress have started to walk back their support of the US’ proposed LNG export expansion after mass opposition from frontline and environmental groups.

Candice Fortin, US Campaign Manager, responds:

“Only months ago, the US was poised to massively expand LNG, which would undoubtedly exacerbate climate change and take us in the wrong direction when we have no time to lose. Yet over the past month, the LNG momentum has wavered in direct response to public pressure. This is a major sign of hope, but this fight is not over.

Let’s be real: the harmful effects of fracked gas on health and climate are not in question. The oil and gas industry and the government know the data. So now that they have paused, there is only one thing to do: vow to reject CP2 and all 17 proposed LNG projects, and to phase out ALL fossil fuels. Our frontline partners on the US Gulf Coast have been fighting against oil and gas projects and for their home and lives for decades. It is past time for the government to listen and stand up to the billionaires who are knowingly promoting toxic energy sources.”

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