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STOP Campaign Releases New Videos with Rep. Ro Khanna Calling for a Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax

As Big Oil profiteering sends gas prices and home heating bills skyrocketing again, STOP calls on Members of Congress to take immediate action to help working families


The Stop The Oil Profiteering (STOP) campaign released two new videos online this morning featuring Rep. Ro Khanna (CA-17) calling for a Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax.

"Big Oil has mastered the art of profiteering," Rep. Ro Khanna says in a shorter video released on Twitter. "Over the last year we've been investigating the ways Big Oil has been gouging consumers at the pump and tracking the profits. We found a Big Oil pipeline from your wallet to their pocket....Big Oil has been making us pay. It's about time we make them pay, so join me in supporting the Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax."

In a longer version of the video released on YouTube, Khanna talks about the steps that progressives in Congress have been taking to investigate Big Oil and free the country from a dependence on fossil fuels.

"It's less than half a mile from this ExxonMobil station to the US Capitol, but the path from your wallet to the pockets of Big Oil is even more direct," explains Khanna. "Over the last 8 months, Big Oil companies have raked in over $100 billion in profits by limiting supply and jacking up prices."

As gas prices and home heating bills start to climb again across the country, Stop The Oil Profiteering and its allies have intensified their calls for Congress to pass a Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax that would tax a percentage of Big Oil's excessive profits and use the earnings to send relief directly to American families.

Over 80% of voters support a windfall profits tax and 87% of voters want to see Congress take steps to crack down on oil industry price gouging. Dozens of members of Congress support the policy. California Governor Gavin Newsom recently endorsed the idea and called for a special session to pass the tax.

"As fossil fuel prices skyrocket again, these videos aim to educate the public about how Big Oil is gouging us at the pump and on our home heating bills," said Jamie Henn, a spokesperson for the STOP campaign. "The Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax remains the most direct way to hold Big Oil accountable and get money back in the wallets of hard working Americans. It's past time that Congress take action and stop the oil profiteering."

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