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Biden Emissions Goal Is Inadequate

Cutting emissions in half compared to 2005 levels is not good enough.


Multiple news reports suggest that the White House is set to announce a goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half from 2005 levels.

In response, Food & Water Watch Policy Director Mitch Jones released the following statement:

"While these White House goals are being lauded as aggressive, they are inadequate. As the world's historical largest emitter of climate pollution, we have a duty to do much more, and to act with greater urgency.

"These goals--based on comparisons to exceptionally high 2005 emission levels--will be meaningless without policies that explicitly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Biden can make real headway on that front by fulfilling his campaign pledge to end fossil fuel extraction on public lands. He must also halt all new fossil fuel projects, which are polluting frontline communities and driving up emissions, and should join the push to ban fracking everywhere.

"It is also vital that Democrats in Congress zero out fossil fuel subsidies in any infrastructure and climate packages, including the giveaways for industry-friendly carbon capture schemes."

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