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Peter Hart,

Biden Plan is Insufficient to Meet Our Climate and Water Needs


President Biden will travel to Pittsburgh today to unveil his long-awaited infrastructure plan, a $2 trillion package called the American Jobs Plan.

Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter issued the following response:

"While more ambitious than previous efforts, the American Jobs Plan still falls woefully short of truly addressing the multiple crises facing our country and our planet. The investments in our electric power system are too small to transition to 100% clean renewable energy, will continue to waste money on dirty nuclear energy, and will send subsidies to fossil fuel corporations by devoting funding to carbon capture schemes.

"The funding levels outlined in the White House plan are simply inadequate to meet the essential task of replacing our nation's crumbling water infrastructure while assuring clean, safe and affordable water for all. We need to seize the moment to confront all the crises we face. Congress should pass the WATER Act, end fossil fuel subsidies, and invest in transforming our electric power generation to 100% clean, renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

"Realistically, this is the White House's best chance to present a package that can meet the challenges we face. Leaders who understand the urgency of the climate threat and the need to fully fund clean water for all should push for a more expansive plan."

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