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Beth Allen ( or Amy Fetherolf (, CWA Communications, 202-434-1168

Press Release

Communications Workers of America (CWA) Celebrates House Passage of the For the People Act (H.R. 1)

CWA is calling for immediate passage of the bill’s Senate companion.

Moments ago, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the For the People Act (H.R. 1), a sweeping pro-democracy bill co-sponsored by every House Democrat that contains reforms essential to fixing our political system, including expanding voting rights, getting money out of politics, redistricting, and strengthening government ethics. With the new Democratic Senate, there’s finally a real chance to pass this critical bill to rebuild our democracy, and there’s no time to wait. Since the 2020 election, Republican-driven efforts have already been launched in 43 states to restrict or limit voting access, proving that federal action is needed to protect the right to ballot access for all Americans.

CWA has prioritized the reforms enshrined in H.R. 1 for over a decade. In 2012, CWA led a letter along with the NAACP, Sierra Club, and Greenpeace calling on Congress to enact the Grassroots Democracy Act, which made clear that reforms to our electoral system were a priority for labor, environmental and civil rights organizations.

“CWA members have tirelessly worked to support and educate union members and the general public on the importance of H.R.1, the For the People Act, a bill that would give a stronger voice to the American people,” said CWA Senior Director for Government Affairs and Policy Shane Larson. “We know that those who have taken a sledgehammer to voting rights will only redouble their efforts in the wake of the 2020 elections. Even as our nation is facing so many different crises, we must make democracy reform an absolute top priority to ensure that for the next election cycle—which is already in full swing—we have fair elections. CWA members will be working to ensure  the Senate passes the For the People Act in order to protect our democracy, including fighting for elimination of the filibuster if necessary.


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Communication Workers of America (CWA) is America's largest communications & media union. CWA members work in telecommunications and information technology, the airline industry, news media, broadcast and cable television, education, health care, public service and education, law enforcement, manufacturing and other fields.

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