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Socialists Mobilize Nationwide For "The Fight of Our Lives"

DSA Holds Actions Saturday in 24 Cities to support a People’s Bailout and Green New Deal


Crisis has piled on top of crisis this year. Over 37 million people lost their jobs this year, more than four million their healthcare on top of it. Nearly a third of a million have died from COVID-19 and millions more infected. And beyond the political crisis of legitimacy this Fall stands the deeper ultimate crisis of survival: climate change.

But hope lies with a plan and a will to move. This Friday and Saturday the Democratic Socialists of America will be launching "Fight for Our Lives" actions in 24 cities as the beginning shots of a campaign by DSA for a Green New Deal (full list below). Our members will be joined by political leaders such an incoming "Squad" member Rep. Jamaal Bowman.

Our organization is growing rapidly and we are putting our 86,000 activist members to work fighting for a recovery that centers the multiracial working class. Our coming campaigns aim to help build a launching pad for a broad movement for the decade of the Green New Deal. We are fighting for full decarbonization by 2030 with green union jobs for all, not deals with Mitch McConnell to doom our economy today and planet tomorrow.

Our organization is demanding a solution to the crisis that begins with a minimum program for relief now:

Interviews with spokespeople both nationally and locally in participating cities are available. Contact to schedule.

An updated list of actions can be found here:

Friday 12/11:

--Washington DC:

--Chicago, IL:

Saturday 12/12:


--Lower Hudson Valley, NY:

--Boston, MA:

--Pittsburgh, PA:

--Asheville, NC:

--Houston, TX:

--El Paso, TX:

--San Diego, CA:

--Madison, WI:

--Austin, TX:

--North Jersey, NJ:

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) has over 55,000 members and 200 local groups (as of November 2018) building working class power while establishing an openly democratic socialist presence in American communities and politics.