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August Blue Collar Jobs Continue Slow, Uneven Recovery


Employment in the blue collar sectors of construction, manufacturing, and mining and logging increased in August by 45,000, or 0.23 percent over the previous month. But we are, "nowhere close to making up" the deep job losses of April, explains CEPR data analyst Matt Sedlar in today's Blue Collar Jobs Tracker.

  • Mining and logging jobs decreased in August by 8,000, or -1.29 percent over the previous month.
  • Construction jobs increased by 17,000, or 0.24 percent over the previous month.
  • Manufacturing jobs increased in August by 36,000, or 0.30 percent over the previous month.

By region, the Midwest experienced the largest increase in manufacturing jobs, with a net change of 26,300, or 0.69 percent over the previous month.

"There is a statistically significant difference in the average growth of manufacturing jobs by region, suggesting that the biggest month-to-month growth may be concentrated in one part of the US. But more data points are necessary to determine if that's the case," said Sedlar.

This table offers a deeper look into the states with the highest net changes in manufacturing jobs in August.

States with the Highest Net Changes in Manufacturing Jobs in August

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