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Women's March Global Worldwide Protests Against the Rollback of Women's Human Rights To Take Place 18 January 2020

Women’s March Global’s 2020 title is “March For Our Human Rights” and is focused on bodily autonomy, the right to decide for one’s own body.


In one month, millions of women and allies across the world will come together and march in solidarity for the advancement of women's human rights, equality and social justice. Organised by Women's March Global, a network of 100+ Chapters and thousands of Members worldwide who take action in their local communities to advance women's human rights, the theme of this year's March is bodily autonomy, drawing attention to the systemic oppression women face in their attempts to decide about their body, life and future.

Women's Global March has partnered with SheDecides, Amnesty International, and the International Planned Parenthood Federation for this year's March for Our Human Rights. These international organisations have a well-documented history of advocating for the advancement of women's rights and providing invaluable resources and services to women in need across the world.

"This past year, we have experienced a surge in the rollback of women's human rights across the world," said Women's March Global Executive Director Uma Mishra-Newbery. "One of the most shocking developments was when the United States declared, along with 19 other member states, that there is no international right to abortion at a United Nations meeting. We are extremely concerned that this will lead to a collective retreat of women's rights across the world."

The states that denied women's right to access safe and legal abortion at the United Nations represent 1.3 billion people. This year's March will bring attention to the alarming rollback of women's right to bodily autonomy. It will also declare that women and allies will not allow this to stand, displaying global solidarity for the right to make free decisions about what happens to one's own body, life and future. Without question.

"The tireless advocacy for women's human rights and social justice by organisations like SheDecides, IPPF, and Amnesty International has been instrumental in the empowerment of women and girls and the promotion and protection of their human rights. We are inspired by them and are honoured to partner for the March for Our Human Rights. Together we will inspire change and launch women and their allies into a new decade of activism." said Mishra-Newbery.

Women's March Global Marches will be held in cities and towns across the world including Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The Marches will be live-streamed to reach a wider audience, enable greater international participation, and showcase the power of the women's rights movement across all digital channels.