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As Climate Alarm Bells Ring, Trump Cheers on Polluters

Statement from Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director of Food & Water Watch, in Advance of Trump’s Environmental Leadership Address


"Donald Trump lecturing the world about America's environmental leadership is completely at odds with reality. What you won't hear him mention is that last year, carbon emissions were up again. Fossil fuels are not clean energy, and natural gas isn't going to solve the climate crisis. Touting natural gas as a clean energy solution is simply climate gaslighting.

"You also won't hear Trump talk about what U.S. exports of natural gas are doing to the environment and climate. Fracked gas is fueling another dirty industry: plastics. We are literally eating, drinking and breathing microplastics, the effects of which are unknown, while plastic waste swallows up our oceans. Meanwhile, the administration is bolstering plastic production to line the pockets of industrial polluters.

"Trump's environmental policy is a funhouse version of what is actually required for leadership. This administration has never met an environmental protection it wasn't eager to overturn. The corporations profiting off of fossil fuels, chemicals, pesticides and factory farms, on the other hand, have a firm friend in the administration.

"It seems like every week the UN puts out a new report about how climate change is impacting the globe. Just yesterday, it noted that climate chaos is already causing one disaster per week. As the world continues to ring the alarm bell, the Trump administration cheers on polluters. This is not what American leadership looks like. True leadership would be phasing out fossil fuels for 100 percent clean, renewable energy and holding industry accountable for its pollution that endangers our air, water and food."

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