Trump’s Expected Pick for Interior Secretary is Another Slap in the Face of Science

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Trump’s Expected Pick for Interior Secretary is Another Slap in the Face of Science

“McMorris Rodgers Poses a Clear and Present Danger to our Treasured Public Lands”

Statement of Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director, Food & Water Watch

WASHINGTON - “In what has sadly become a reoccurring theme of Donald Trump’s transition, his expected pick for Secretary of the Interior, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, constitutes a slap in the face of science. Ms. McMorris Rodgers is a proud climate denier who has voted consistently against common-sense environmental protections, rules for fossil fuel drilling on public lands, and virtually anything seen as a hinderance to big oil and gas companies making more money.

“As Secretary of the Interior, McMorris Rogers would be tasked with protecting and preserving our treasured national parks and public lands for the sake of future generations and our country’s long-term environmental health. Yet based on her voting record, McMorris Rogers seemingly holds a blatant disregard for our environment and the sanctity of these fragile places. She sees these lands as nothing more than a revenue source for polluting fossil fuel drillers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that she’s taken almost half a million dollars in campaing funds from the oil and gas industry in recent years.

“Rep. McMorris Rodgers poses a clear and present danger to our treasured public lands. Any senator with a conscious and a concern for future generations of Americans must oppose her nomination vigerously.”


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