BREAKING: Nationwide Sunset Vigils Tomorrow Calling for Congress to Sunset the PATRIOT Act


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Organization Profile: 

Josh Nelson, CREDO,, 202-550-6175

Evan Greer, Fight for the Future,, 978-852-6457

Mark Stanley, Demand Progress,

Brian Stewart, Civic Action,, 319-936-3901

Alex Marthews, Restore The Fourth,, 781-258-2936

Timothy Karr, Free Press Action Fund,, 201 533-8838

BREAKING: Nationwide Sunset Vigils Tomorrow Calling for Congress to Sunset the PATRIOT Act

Activists will gather at sunset in 50 cities to demand that Congress let Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act expire

WASHINGTON - On Thursday, activists in 50 cities will gather at sunset (starting at 7:00pm) to oppose the reauthorization of section 215 of the PATRIOT Act, which has been exploited by the government to justify mass surveillance. The “Sunset Vigils” will call for Congress to allow Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act to expire, and oppose attempts to reauthorize it. Organizers say sunsetting the PATRIOT Act is the most meaningful reform, and the only one that makes sense.

The sunset vigils are being organized by CREDO, Demand Progress, Fight for the Future, Free Press Action Fund, Civic Action, Popular Resistance, and Restore the Fourth.

These rapid-response gatherings will be held at sunset outside of Senators’ offices. In Washington, DC, privacy advocates will gather at the West Lawn of the Capitol building.

Information about local actions can be found here: and



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