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Mark Stanley

Center for Democracy & Technology


Statement from Center for Democracy & Technology on January 18: Internet Freedom Day


The Center for Democracy & Technology joins other groups and individuals in the following statement.

Today, on the anniversary of the massive protests against the Internet censorship bills SOPA and PIPA, a broad network of individuals and organizations are joining to celebrate Internet Freedom Day. The website lists a variety of actions in support of the open Internet, including a new tradition asking Internet users to share something they love that should never be censored.

The defeat of SOPA and PIPA was a watershed moment in our political history. Internet Freedom Day provides an opportunity not only to look back in commemoration, but also to raise awareness and remind lawmakers that the Internet-using public continues to pay close attention and take action to defend the Internet and free speech.

Our large and diverse community--which includes creators, innovators, advocates, and individuals from across the political spectrum--cares deeply about Internet freedom and will stand together to defend it.

Media Contacts:

Katherine Maher

Mark Stanley
Center for Democracy & Technology

Ben Huh
Cheezburger, Inc.

Heather Greenfield
Computer & Communications Industry Association

Craig Newmark

Adi Kamdar
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Patrick Ruffini

Joscelin Cooper
Engine Advocacy | Hattery

Jennifer Mercurio
Entertainment Consumers Association

Tiffiniy Cheng
Fight for the Future

Josh Levy
Free Press
413.585.1533 x208

Clara Hogan
New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute

Andrew Rasiej
NY Tech Meetup and Personal Democracy Media

David Moore
Participatory Politics Foundation

Bartees Cox
Public Knowledge

Mike Masnick

Berin Szoka

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