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Tell President Obama, No More Tim Geithners!

We Need to Know Who the Next Treasury Secretary is Going to Be Before Nov. 6

WASHINGTON - U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has indicated he will be stepping down if President Obama wins in November. Many industrialized nations would expect a presidential candidate to indicate his top choice for a position as significant as Secretary of the Treasury prior to the election. We ask the same of President Obama.

And we want to make sure that the President's intended nominee not be another Timothy Geithner. Appointing someone who had helped create a catastrophe to lead the clean up has predictably failed. Geithner has served banks rather than supervising them, while doing nothing to help families facing foreclosure. Geithner’s severe mishandling of the housing crisis has left our economy staggering.

Tell President Obama its time to name a public servant not a Wall Street servant.


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No more catering to the 1%, no more austerity politics; we need a Treasury Secretary who believes in people, believes in investment and will fight for the high-road, high-wage economy we need to dig us out of this hole.

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