Vermont Town Meetings Boost Move to Overturn Citizens United

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Vermont Town Meetings Boost Move to Overturn Citizens United

WASHINGTON - Town meeting voters in Vermont yesterday overwhelmingly approved measures calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United and restore limits on corporate campaign spending.

According to the latest tally, voters in 55 towns passed resolutions to amend the Constitution to ensure that corporations do not have the same First Amendment rights as people.

“The people of Vermont and across America are totally disgusted with the huge amounts of money that billionaires and corporations are throwing into the political process,” Sanders said today. “We have to overturn this disastrous Citizens United decision. I hope the message coming out of the town meetings will spark a grassroots movement across the United States.”

Sanders last Dec. 8 introduced the Saving American Democracy Amendment. His proposal would restore the power of Congress and state lawmakers to enact campaign spending limits like laws that were in place for a century before the controversial court ruling.


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