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President Obama Needs to Send Clear, Strong Signal-No Policy Riders

NRDC President Frances Beinecke Calls on the President to Stand Up for Public Health


NRDC President Frances Beinecke issued this statement Thursday amid unconfirmed reports that President Obama has indicated to lawmakers he may sign a government spending bill containing policy "riders" that could increase pollution and harm public health:

"NRDC urges the president to make clear, unequivocally, that he will not accept any riders. Period. That means no amendments designed to hamper the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to issue updates that protect and safeguard our health while fighting pollution. Riders are nothing more than sneak attacks by special interests that have no place in a budget bill.

"White House press secretary Jay Carney already has declared that the continuing resolution is 'not the place for extraneous ideological or political policy to be addressed.'"

"But amid the continuing press reports, which the White House has not publicly refuted, we urge the president to send a strong and unmistakable message: 'No Policy Riders.'

"And if the extremists persist, the president should veto any such bill. That, too, he should make clear. Now."

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