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Social Media Plays Integral Role in Growing Anti-SB1070 Movement

Twitter and Facebook users find ways to Engage Movement Online


The growing movement for migrant rights, and indeed the restoration of
democracy and political equality in Arizona, is now viral with the use
of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a variety of other social media
networks. Groups such as the Puente Movement and the National Day Labor
Organizing Network have taken to using social media to engage community
members, volunteers and alert the press.

Puente Movement and the National Day Labor Organizing Network are
asking that if people want to know the latest information about
activities surrounding the growing opposition to SB 1070 they should
follow their twitter accounts (@PuenteAZ and @NDLON). Other Twitterers 4
Justicia include: @mrdaveyd @thinkmexican @detentionwatch
@newman_chris @theSoundStrike @willcoley @4onelove @opalayo @izofice @kyledeb @trail2010 @BstandsforB @ lafronteratimes.

Tometi, of Arizona's PUENTE movement, recalls how Twitter was used as a
dialogue between Phoenix activists and rap superstar, Talib Kweli, who
denounced 1070 as the result of communication with his fans on twitter.
According to Tometi, "SB 1070 was intended to silence the voices of
immigrants and communities of color, but Twitter has served as a vehicle
for communication, a space for non-violent resistance, and a platform
for liberation."

the days and months unfold, news and media will continue to break on
social networking sites such as Twitter. The two groups have launched
the Alto Arizona campaign and have made the Twitter hashtag #AltoArizona
viral and have thousands of Facebook Fans. They intend to use this
hashtag throughout the day of July 29th for
the various events they have planned. They will also use the hashtag
#SB1070 to document the growing conversation around SB 1070's
implementation and resistance.

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