Jake Johnson & Jessica Corbett, staff writers
"The Trump administration is wrong to try to prosecute people who are only trying to save lives. By threatening Dr. Warren with a decade in prison, the U.S. government sought to criminalize compassion."
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
No More Deaths volunteer Scott Warren
"No one should die while attempting to migrate, and no one deserves to be...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Sinema is arguably the single member of Congress who is carrying the most...


The awful story of Shanesha Taylor is what's wrong with the state of our union: The Arizona mother of two got called to a job interview she desperately needed. With no place to leave her two young kids - no neighbors because she's homeless, no co-workers because she's jobless, no paid childcare because she has no money, no free childcare because our government - she left them in her car, with the windows cracked, at naptime. When she came back 45 minutes later, police arrested her on two child...