Free Press, NTEN, NOW and 150 Nonprofits and Allies Express Unwavering Support for Net Neutrality in Letter to FCC


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Free Press, NTEN, NOW and 150 Nonprofits and Allies Express Unwavering Support for Net Neutrality in Letter to FCC

150 nonprofit and allied organizations sent a letter to the Federal
Communications Commission supporting the agency's efforts to protect
the open Internet. A diverse group of organizations, including Free
Press, NTEN, NOW,, the Juvenile Diabetes Research
Fund, Miles for Cystic Fibrosis and Helping Hands Pet Rescue, signed
the letter.

"We are pleased that so many
organizations are lending their voice to this important issue that
affects all organizations, large and small," said Free Press Associate
Outreach Director Misty Perez Truedson.
"The open Internet is vital to reaching members and activists and is
invaluable as a medium for civic engagement. There is growing momentum
to counter big phone and big cable lobbying efforts and to put
consumers first."

"Not-for-profit organizations
and small startups need the Internet to succeed as businesses. If phone
and cable companies are left to decide winners and losers online, then
only those with money will be able to participate," NTEN Executive
Director Holly Ross said. "Without Net Neutrality, some of the most well-known nonprofits would not be able to carry out their missions."

The letter
also expresses support for the FCC's efforts to reclassify broadband
transmission as a telecommunications service. The letter reads, "...we
urge the FCC to take action now to classify broadband transmission as a
telecommunications service and affirmatively safeguard the free flow of
information and ideas online."

If you run a nonprofit or a business and want to sign on to the letter, please visit:

For a copy of the letter with current signatories:



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