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Obama in Ohio


Hanauer is executive director of the Cleveland-based Policy Matters Ohio. She said today: "Last year's recovery package pulled Ohio back from the abyss and helped cobble together a state budget that averted the worst spending cuts and job losses. But, with unemployment at 10.9 percent, we need much more to get Ohio working again. Ohio, like all states, needs additional federal assistance to ensure that the next state budget can be balanced. We also need a real jobs program - mass transit here is falling apart, homes need to be razed, brownfields need clean-up, and early childhood education has been slashed. Federal funds should be provided to hire Ohio workers to drive those buses, fix those polluted properties, help manufacturing modernize, weatherize more buildings and teach those kids. The state will emerge cleaner, greener, more educated and more efficient -- prepared to take on the demands of the next generation. We're glad that the president is here to hear how essential it is that we get a new recovery package, with a jobs program and state fiscal relief."

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