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Now Is the Time to Unleash the Power of Clean Energy

Statement of Environment America Executive Director Margie Alt


members of Congress have the opportunity to take an historic step
toward a new clean energy economy and a healthy future by voting for
the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

the dramatic shift we need in our energy policy and the dire scientific
predictions regarding global warming demand that we do much more, the
first step is always the hardest and Congress will be applauded for
taking it today. We learn to walk before we can run; this historic act
by Congress gets us up on our feet and heading toward a clean energy

now, America is hooked on dirty fossil fuel energy sources of the past
that threaten the health of our children, cause global warming, and
drag down our economy.

is time to unleash the power of clean energy to transform our economy,
protect our environment, put people back to work, and build a
sustainable future. We can make our homes and businesses so efficient that they use zero-net energy. We can harness wind and solar power for the energy we do need. We can transport ourselves in American-made plug-in hybrid cars that get 100 miles to the gallon.

increased energy savings spurred by this legislation will save
Americans tens of billions of dollars on their energy bills. The new
incentives in the bill for clean, renewable energy such as wind and
solar will make our communities more energy independent, and the
investments in advanced vehicle technologies will help break our
addiction on oil. This bill will set the first ever federal limits on
the pollution that causes global warming.

"There are many more steps to be taken on the path to a clean energy economy. We
can and we must use dramatically less energy; all the energy we do use
needs to come from clean, renewable sources; we need to cut our
dependence on oil in half; and we must hold polluters truly accountable
for cutting their global warming pollution.

passing the American Clean Energy and Security Act today, we can take
that pivotal first step toward the clean energy transformation that
this nation, and the world, needs.

"Tomorrow, we look forward to building even more support for even stronger solutions."

With Environment America, you protect the places that all of us love and promote core environmental values, such as clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and clean energy to power our lives. We're a national network of 29 state environmental groups with members and supporters in every state. Together, we focus on timely, targeted action that wins tangible improvements in the quality of our environment and our lives.

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