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National Low-Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC)

NLIHC Presents Briefing on Renters in Crisis: Issues and Solutions

Briefing on Renters in Crisis: Issues and Solutions

WHEN: Friday, February 20, 2009 10:30 am - 12:00 pm (EST)

WHERE: 538 Dirksen Senate Office Building

WHO: Sheila Crowley, President and CEO, National Low Income Housing Coalition

Danilo Pelletiere, Research Director, National Low Income Housing Coalition

Keith Wardrip, Senior Research Analyst, National Low Income Housing Coalition


As data on the foreclosure crisis becomes available, it is estimated that renters make up roughly 40% of the families facing eviction. These renters are most often lower income families, in lower income neighborhoods. With as little as one week between foreclosure and eviction in some states, these families have limited time and limited resources to find new housing, and increasing homelessness is a real possibility.

Please join us for a discussion of the challenges faced by renters in today's market and solutions to protect renters in foreclosed properties and expand the supply of affordable rental housing. Housing staffers from the House and Senate are welcome, as are others interested in this timely and important policy issue.


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The National Low Income Housing Coalition is dedicated solely to achieving socially just public policy that assures people with the lowest incomes in the United States have affordable and decent homes.

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