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Pragmatism Trumps Change

Lawrence Korb and Phyllis Bennis Discuss The Significance of Obama's Foreign Policy Appointments


Barack Obama has officially announced his selection for top foreign
policy positions appointing Hilary Clinton as secretary of state,
General James Jones as national security advisor and keeping Bush
appointed Robert Gates as secretary of defense. The Real News spoke to
Lawrence Korb from the Centre for American Progress and Phyllis Bennis
of the Institute for Policy Studies to discuss these appointments.

Many people are asking with Obama's appointment's if effective
change is under way or if this is just a continuing of Bush's foreign
policy with a smarter approach. According to Phyllis Bennis Obama
campaigned on the idea that he represented change but when one really
explored his policies they weren't hugely different than Hilary
Clinton. She sees the appointment of his foreign policy team as a safe
move that succumbs to the interests of those in Washington, a move that
represents stability and a reassurance to the world, he is "sending a
message that real change is not going to happen first in foreign
policy", a message that goes against the very change that he gained his
presidency through.

While people discuss the continuity of the current Bush
regime Lawrence Korb feels this is "basically going back to the policy
of the first president Bush which was a very realistic policy." Korb
sees these appointments as an attempt to re-establish President Bush
Senior's policy, one that isn't afraid to use military force all while
ensuring international legitimacy.

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