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Jodie Evans, CODEPINK co-founder, 310-621-5635
Jean Stevens at 508-839-2138 or e-mail

Angry Crowd to Pile Their Trash TODAY at Wall Street and Demand "No Cash for Trash!" and "Bail Out This, Mr. Paulson!"

NEW YORK, New York

"This bailout is bull sh*t" and "buy out OUR junk" protest!

WHEN: 4 p.m. Thurs. Sept. 25
WHERE: Bowling Green Park (in the plaza area), at Broadway and Beaver Streets, New York City
(Watch Jodie Evans, CODEPINK co-founder, describe the event on GRITtv with reporter Laura Flanders yesterday here)

NEW YORK - CODEPINK will join hundreds of Americans, furious at the
the government's proposal to use $700 billion of taxpayers' money to
bail out banks that helped create "the worst financial crisis since the Great
Depression," in creating an enormous pile of junk down by Wall Street
at 4 p.m. TODAY and demand, "No cash for trash!" and "Bail out this,
Mr. Paulson!"

They'll bring their 8-track tape collection, high-school yearbook,
Grampa's old recliner, and that snow globe from Great Adventure theme
park, not to mention their mortgage statements and student loan
invoices, to tell Secretary Paulson why they deserve a bailout, too!

Their demand for a bail-out on their junk will be much like the 1
trillion dollar blank check -- the biggest financial theft of
taxpayers' dollars in American history -- the White House is now trying
to push through without a snitch of debate. All to save George W.
Bush's cronies on Wall Street, the same people who created America's
financial crisis and helped fund war and violation of rights.

"This is a financial Sept. 11," said Jodie Evans, co-founder of
CODEPINK Women for Peace. "Just like the White House used that moment
of shock to institute abusive surveillance and policing powers under
the Patriot Act, it's trying to use this economic meltdown to lavish
taxpayer money on the same banks that made obscene profits off shady
mortgage industry practices. And true to form, the Bush administration
proposed giving itself vast new powers, this time over the economy,
with absolutely no oversight."

If this bailout passes, America will have little money for
environmental protection, for education, for national health care, and
to counter global warming and to rebuild our decaying infrastructure.
Much of this money was lost to an illegal war that has killed thousands
of innocents.

"We have watched our rights be eroded, the invasion and destruction
of an innocent country," Evans said. "Have we not learned? Are we going
to watch rape in broad daylight of the people of the United States now?"

This action has been organized by nearly a dozen organizations,
including CODEPINK Women for Peace, in an incredible three days of
planning in response to news of the bailout. Similar actions will take
place at 4 p.m. nationwide, in coalition with the Wall Street

For more information, call Jean Stevens at 508-839-2138 or e-mail

CODEPINK is a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. wars and militarism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect our tax dollars into healthcare, education, green jobs and other life-affirming programs.

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