Jake Johnson, staff writer
"We knew this would happen. Lake Charles and Cameron Parish are petrochemical industry epicenters. The plants, export terminals, refineries, oil tank farms are ticking time bombs every hurricane season."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"Denial is not a plan. Thoughts and prayers are not a solution. We must take...
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Satellite imagery from NOAA taken August 26, 2020, shows Hurricane Laura in the Gulf of Mexico.
"Little time remains to protect life and property," said the National Hurricane...


Next week, Louisiana's highest court will consider whether Bobby Jindal's school voucher program is what supporters call "bold" and "historic" or what courts and critics call unconstitutional, segregationist and wacky. For now, students still learn a Creationist history wherein the KKK were good guys and hippies were unbathed immoral heathens who "broke all codes of politeness" - a characterization that, barring the heathen part, some us take exception to, because "teach your children well"...