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Louis DeJoy

'Tear This Deal Up': Outrage as DeJoy Finalizes Plan to Buy Gas-Guzzling Trucks

"DeJoy's plans for the postal fleet will drag us back decades with a truck model that gets laughable fuel economy. We may as well deliver the mail with hummers," said one environmentalist.

Jake Johnson ·

The Outrageous Story About the Postal Service Too Many Know Nothing About

Following a 16-year bet Republicans laid down in 2006 to block Postal EVs, DeJoy just told Biden to go screw himself: he’s going to buy fossil-fuel vehicles for 90% of the fleet instead of electric.

Thom Hartmann ·

'Supervillain Stuff': DeJoy Accused of Exploiting Loophole to Buy Gas Trucks

"If the vehicles weighed just one pound less, they wouldn't be permitted on American roads because they pollute too much."

Jake Johnson ·

House Passes Bill to Repeal 'Debilitating' USPS Prefunding Mandate

"You deserve a working Post Office," said Rep. Bill Pascrell. "The Senate should get off its rear and pass this now."

Jake Johnson ·

'DeJoy Has to Go Right Now': Fury Over Postal Service Failure to Electrify Truck Fleet

Rep. Gerry Connolly warned that DeJoy is aiming to "spend billions on gas-powered vehicles despite clear goals set by President Biden and Congress to electrify the federal fleet."

Jake Johnson ·

Sanders Urges Biden to Demand DeJoy's Resignation Over Postal Service 'Sabotage'

"By any objective measure, Louis DeJoy, a top campaign contributor of Donald Trump, has been, by far and away, the worst postmaster general in the modern history of America."

Jake Johnson ·

Bloom's Exit Offers a Chance for Much-Needed Change at the Beleaguered Postal Service

A number of public interest groups sent a letter to Biden asking him not to reappoint Bloom, who is the vice chair and managing partner of the Brookfield Asset Management investment firm.

Sue Sturgis ·

'Now Fire DeJoy': Biden Moves to Replace Trump-Picked Postal Board Members

"We need a Postal Service board of governors that is committed to replacing Mr. DeJoy with a postmaster general who will protect and strengthen the Postal Service, not undermine and sabotage it."

Jake Johnson ·

Making the Holidays Happier for the Postal Service

Misguided leadership and congressional inaction could mean holiday shipping delays. Here's how Congress can deliver relief.

Scott Klinger ·

It Is Way Past Time for Postal Banking

Politics and special interests, not economic constraints, are what’s keeping the U.S. Postal Service from becoming a hub for affordable banking and other valuable community services in the 21st century. But we’ll need a new regulatory structure and new leadership to move forward.

Monique Morrissey ·

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