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Groups Urge Lawmakers Against Gutting of Section 230 as Big Tech CEOs Testify

"Of course Facebook wants to see changes to Section 230. Because they know it will simply serve to solidify their monopoly power and crush competition from smaller and more decentralized platforms."

Andrea Germanos ·

Fending Off Antitrust Push, Tech Giants Now Biggest Spenders on DC Lobbying

"It's more important than ever for lawmakers to show their independence and bring these companies to heel."

Jake Johnson ·

In a Devastating Pandemic Year, Amazon Was Its Biggest Winner

How the virus that battered the economy was a boon for Jeff Bezos.

Alec MacGillis ·

Coalition Forms to Challenge 'Predatory' Surveillance Advertising by Big Tech

"Big Tech's toxic business model is undermining democracy."

Kenny Stancil ·

'Total Scandal': Memos Expose Failure of Obama-Era FTC to Stop Google's Monopoly Power

Law professor Zephyr Teachout called the series a "devastating takedown" of the Federal Trade Commission and its economists under the former president.

Jessica Corbett ·

Applause as Biden Picks 'Antitrust Trailblazer' Lina Khan for FTC Spot

"She is a thought leader and the embodiment of the modern antitrust movement. Big move."

Jake Johnson ·

Cutting Deals with Big Tech Won't Save Journalism

We need strong public-media laws that prioritize a free press, civic-minded news production and the interests of the communities news outlets are supposed to serve.

Timothy Karr ·

'Immediately Reverse This Decision': Amnesty Rebukes Facebook for Blocking Australian News Outlets

"When Big Tech's gatekeeper power is unchecked or a handful of dominant publishers can influence legislation, we get caught in a battle where users always lose."

Andrea Germanos ·

Leading Digital Rights Group Warns Section 230 Reform Bill Will Boost Big Tech While Crushing Smaller Sites

"This bill, as written, would have enormous unintended consequences for human rights and freedom of expression," warned Fight for the Future's Evan Greer.

Brett Wilkins ·

A Closer Look at the AI Hype Machine: Who Really Benefits?

In a second "Gilded Age" where the power of billionaires and elites over our lives is now being widely questioned, what do we do about their ability to radically and undemocratically alter the landscape of our daily lives using the almighty algorithm?

Tom Valovic ·

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Quality journalism. Progressive values. Direct to your inbox.