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"Civility" Should Not Be a Priority for a Democracy Under Threat

Biden is simply hiding behind "civility" to conceal the fact that, all too often, he shared portions of the same anti-democratic agendas embraced by vile segregationists, by his "Republican friends," and by his Wall Street donors
Ernest A. Canning ·

We Will Have to Face the Consequences of Donald Trump Getting His Hands on the Economy

Each arbitrary bit of presidential pique, each tweet and insult, is a predecessor to yet more possible economic upheavals and displacements

Nomi Prins ·

Why Killing Dodd-Frank Could Lead to the Next Crash

Eliminating the bill was a top priority for Trump. So why did any Democrats vote for it?

Matt Taibbi ·

For Captured Regulators, Repealing the Volcker Rule Is Child's Play

Americans have very little protection from the next disaster—and regulators are about to make the next disaster even more likely.

Richard Eskow ·

Why the Only Answer is to Break Up the Biggest Wall Street Banks

If you took the greed out of Wall Street... all you'd have left is pavement

Robert Reich ·

You Would Think It Would Be Impossible to Lose Ground to Trump and the GOP—But You'd Be Wrong

For several weeks Democrats have been slipping in polls, and now they are virtually dead even with Republicans.  Even Trump is getting more popular. 

John Atcheson ·

Be Progressive, Democrats, Not Merely Liberal

What was once pigeonholed as the “progressive” position has since become the popular position.

Raúl Grijalva ·

Donald Trump and the Next Big Crash

Making the Fed an instrument for disaster

Nomi Prins ·

The $24 Million Reasons Dems Back America’s Worst Banks

In a world where Republicans have already been bought and paid for, there is no room for Democrats who act in bad faith.

Richard Eskow ·

Against #BankLobbyistAct, #ShePersisted: Warren Asks 'How Can Any Senator Vote for That?'

While fellow Democrats backing measure to roll back Wall Street regulations have expressed frustration, progressive senator says bill "increases the chances of another taxpayer bailout"

Jon Queally ·

I Call It Like I See It on the #BankLobbyistAct

Saying Democrats are helping to roll back rules on big banks doesn’t make me the most popular kid on the team. But Massachusetts didn’t send me here to fight for big banks. The people of Massachusetts sent me here to fight for them.

Elizabeth Warren ·

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