Ben Jealous

Julia Conley, staff writer
"We have to stand up for a Michigan that embraces our future. That means we have to stand up for a Michigan that's for the people, by the people."
Julia Conley, staff writer
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez celebrated her victory in New York's 14th congressional district with supporters on June 26.
"We're making progress. Let's keep up the pressure."
Julia Conley, staff writer
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic candidate for New York's 14th congressional district, spoke with MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Wednesday night about her bold progressive agenda. (Photo: MSNBC/screenshot)
"I think that we're in the middle of a movement in this country...but that...


Keeping up her deft shape-shifting, Hillary Clinton just faced both copyright and credibility challenges for a video touting her as a radical riot grrrl, and a quietly powerful BLM protest for once calling black youths "superpredators (who) must be brought to heel." Her stunningly dismissive response - "Okay, back to the issues" - was no surprise to skeptics so weary of her flavor-of-the-day positions they've created the apt hashtag #WhichHillary.