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Victory for Democracy: Judge Janet Protasiewicz Wins and Flips Control of Wisconsin State Supreme Court

Stand Up America Members Sent More Than 1 Million Peer-to-Peer Texts and 22,000 Handwritten Letters to Get out the Vote for Judge Janet Protasiewicz

Tonight, Stand Up America celebrated Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s victory over former justice Daniel Kelly in Wisconsin's Supreme Court race. Her win flips control of the court to a 4-3 progressive majority. Stand Up America's Founder and President, Sean Eldridge, issued the following statement after the race was called:

The stakes were high in this election, and Judge Protasiewitz's victory is a huge win for protecting Wisconsinites' fundamental freedoms. For more than three decades, Judge Protasiewicz has defended Wisconsinites' constitutional rights, maintained judicial independence, and earned recognition for her commitment to the community. She will continue that important work on the Supreme Court.

Judge Protasiewicz will act as a check on conservative efforts to take away reproductive freedom, disenfranchise voters of color through racial gerrymandering, and overturn election results they don’t like. Her victory helps build a firewall for our democracy and the freedom to vote ahead of 2024.

This election was a sound rejection of MAGA extremism, including their attacks on the freedom to vote and the right to access abortion care. The people of Wisconsin spoke through the ballot box and their message was undeniable: MAGA extremism has no place on our court, and neither does Dan Kelly.

Stand Up America members sent over 1 million peer-to-peer texts, joined hundreds of volunteer shifts, and wrote 22,000 handwritten letters to educate Wisconsin voters about the importance of the race and get out the vote for Judge Jane Protasiewicz. Stand Up America also partnered with our national surrogates network to mobilize prominent Americans including Misha Collins, Ilana Glazer, Bradley Whitford, Meghann Fahy, Amy Schumer, and Alicia Keys to encourage their fans to vote and volunteer in this election.

Stand Up America is a progressive advocacy organization with over two million community members across the country. Focused on grassroots advocacy to strengthen our democracy and oppose Trump's corrupt agenda, Stand Up America has driven over 600,000 phone calls to Congress and mobilized tens of thousands of protestors across the country.