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Sam Inglot

Michigan is Once Again a Pro-Worker, Pro-Union State

House votes to restore workplace freedom, signaling a major win for Michigan’s working families


Last night, the Michigan House of Representatives passed HBs 4004, 4005, and 4007, a bill package that repeals "Right-to-Work" created under former Republican Gov. Rick Snyder that limits collective bargaining and restores the "prevailing wage" for contracted workers on state projects. In response, Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan issued the following statement:

"Everyone deserves fairness and respect when they're on the job, so seeing House Democrats vote to repeal the anti-union legislation and reinstate prevailing wage is incredible news for Michigan's working families. The legislature stood up yesterday and rejected the harmful pro-corporate, anti-worker policies of the past, and it's a great example of what can happen when voters come together to elect a progressive majority.

"Republicans passing Right-to-Work in 2012 and repealing Prevailing Wage in 2018 had one goal: to undermine unions and workers' ability to organize in the workplace. Those two actions were part of a generational fight by greedy corporate interests to eliminate unions so they can control the workplace and political institutions. The bills passed last night are the first step in restoring the power of working people and unions after a decade of attacks by the DeVos family and Michigan Republicans."

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