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Justice Thomas' Vote Is Bought and Paid for by a Right-Wing Billionaire

One week after ProPublica revealed Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas accepted luxury vacations from Harlan Crow for over twenty years, a new report uncovered Thomas failed to disclose his sale of three properties to Crow.

Brett Edkins, Managing Director of Policy and Political Affairs for Stand Up America, issued the following comment:

“Justice Thomas’ vote on the Supreme Court is bought and paid for by right-wing billionaire Harlan Crow. Today we learned that Crow bought a home from Thomas for $133,000, potentially above market value, and Crow acted as Thomas’ mother’s landlord for at least 6 years, while retrofitting and refurbishing her home and an entire neighborhood to benefit the Thomas family. Crow is not, as Thomas claims, his ‘dearest friend’ so much as his corrupt benefactor.

“Thomas is unfit to serve on any court, let alone our nation’s highest court. His failure to disclose his close financial dealings with a GOP billionaire has single-handedly destroyed what little credibility this MAGA Court had left.

“Congress has a constitutional duty to hold this Court in check. Failing to hold Justice Thomas accountable, hold hearings, and pass a Supreme Court code of ethics would be a dereliction of that duty.”

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